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A complete event technology platform that streamlines all aspects of your event – from ticketing to access control and beyond.

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About Festival Currency

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Festival Currency offers a comprehensive set of tools to make your event planning and management process easier than ever. With our platform, you can:

  • Integrate any ticketing platform that sells tickets and manage access control
  • Cashless payment via RFID Wristband
  • Monitor real-time sales and engagement insights
  • Treasury management
  • Staff management

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We understand the importance of providing timely installations and on-site customer service. From start to finish, we transport, set-up, and manage your Festival Currency System. Our on-site technicians ensure that your staff is fully trained before opening day. Our technical experts provide on-site visits when needed.



Our system at your event begins with meticulous planning, detailed logistics and good project management. Our team turns the concept of having a Festival Currency System into a practical reality. This process involves several scheduled stages including on-site visits, point-of-sale training, pre-sales activities, sponsorships, long-distance transportation, communication management, hardware installation, mechanical testing, on-site training, 


Technical Support

We are dedicated to providing you with reliable equipment, automation software, on-site support, and 24-hour service. Festival Currency provides service and support to your vendors and customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our support team identifies concerns at an early stage and resolves common issues before they become problems. By automating the collection of transaction data and taking a proactive approach to service and maintenance – problems are detected quickly and effortlessly.


Onsite Management

To ensure the success of your next event, we provide on-site and off-site management of the Festival Currency System. Our app tracks all financial transactions within a single software application. When service is required, our technicians who are on-site at your venue, are equipped to manage the problem immediately. If an issue exists, we take the time to resolve the problem, modify our product and services, and implement positive change. We take pride in our successful record of satisfied clients, as well as the long-term value of the services we provide.

Past Events

Festival Currency Offers

Transparency, reliability and accountability

Festival Currency provides a cutting edge financial management system for festivals, fairs and special events. Our unique system utilised software, touchscreen hardware on a network that eliminates the need for cash exchange. In lieu of cash, attendees pre-load value to a personalised RFID card or wristband to purchase food, beverages, carnival games. This ensure convenience, speed and accuracy at the check out line.